Principles of Tax

Principles of Tax (PTX)

Similar to Accounting and Management Information, the Principles of Tax exam features a long form question. This will be split into two parts: Income Tax and Corporation Tax. Our prize-winning tutor will teach you the optimal method of approaching the question so that you can score full marks and still complete the question well within the time limit. Subsequent classes then focus on the other highly examinable sections of the syllabus, such as VAT. 

Kieran is an excellent tutor. He explained everything so well and clearly so that it was easy to understand the subject and therefore easier to answer the question bank. My knowledge of the subject, especially those areas that I was struggling with have greatly improved under Kieran`s guidance, and i feel much more confident going forward with my learning towards the exam. My performance in the exam I am sure will be greatly enhanced thanks to his teaching and knowledge of the subject and his exam technique. An excellent teacher- I cannot recommend highly enough.

Lowri (Management Information and Principles of Tax student)


One-to-one tuition

Tuition fees are £75 per hour. Each class is 2 hours. Tuition is held Online. 

Online tuition operates in exactly the same way as face-to-face tuition. Our online classroom software uses video conferencing, screen sharing, sheet sharing, ICAEW question banks and computer based exam software. Many students prefer online tuition to face-to-face as it saves travel costs and time.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Many students prefer online tuition to face to face as it saves travel costs and time.

Please email for availability. 

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