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Exam Technique Development

master your Exam Technique 

We have completed the past papers for each exam we teach and this has enabled us to develop the optimal exam technique for each exam. We have observed striking patterns in the mark schemes over time and the way students structure and type their answers can be a significant factor in determining the level of marks awarded.    

Our exam technique development involves setting you a recent past exam paper and you submitting your attempt to us via email. We will then review your paper line by line and provide detailed, written feedback explaining how and where you need to improve on each individual question. Our feedback will explain how to improve your writing style and exam technique to obtain more marks, as well as explaining technical areas where your knowledge appears to be lacking. We will mark you exam in line with the detailed ICAEW tutor mark plans so that you can see where you scored marks and where you did not. 

The exam techniques you will be taught are the same as those which resulted in our Senior ACA tutor winning several ICAEW prizes.

The cost of our exam technique development service is £170 per exam.

Please contact us here if you wish to book. 

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