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Strategic Business Management (SBM)

Our SBM tuition is extremely exam focused and once a technical subject has been taught, we will develop your exam technique by teaching you the most effective way to answer each type of SBM exam question. The exam techniques you will be taught are those which enabled your tutor to win several prestigious ICAEW prizes and this tuition approach has resulted in several of our students also winning prizes.

You can watch the course introduction and a FREE SAMPLE CLASS  below.


Each class focuses on a frequently examined topic and explains the key technical concepts in a simplified way, before demonstrating the optimal exam technique by working through recent past exam questions in full. Your tutor will teach you the most efficient way to read, interpret and analyse the exam paper and most importantly, the specific technique you should use when typing your answer. This includes practical advice on how to make effective use of your open book when answering questions.

Having understood the technical content and exactly how you should be approaching a particular type of SBM exam question, you can then go and attempt similar past exam questions to put these prize-winning exam technique skills to the test and watch your marks drastically improve - hopefully you will join our growing list of prize winners!


You can subscribe to all the classes for £395 and enjoy a viewing period of 12 months.


Please click HERE to purchase. Once payment has been made, you can view the full course HERE. ​

Please note that our study materials are sold separately.


The 12 month access period should give you plenty of time to sit and pass the SBM exam. However, if you need longer, we will extend your access at no extra cost to you. This includes access to any additional content we upload to the course as a result of syllabus changes. 


The course is structured so that it covers each examinable area and each type of SBM exam question. You can find a list of the classes on the course structure structure document below. The course also includes FM, BST, FAR and CR revision classes to refresh you on brought forward content.


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Thanks ACA Masters for their help with their video course and learning materials in the Advanced Level, lessons were straight to the point and geared towards acing the exams. I recently qualified as an ICAEW member, and won the award for being the top scorer in Singapore for SBM for July 2023 exam (86 marks). No doubt due to the help from ACA Masters.


(SBM prize winner who scored the highest mark in Singapore with 86%)

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