Strategic Business Management (SBM)

Our view is that SBM is the easier of the three Advanced level exams and the ICAEW pass rates reflect this. However, to pass this exam, students require excellent exam technique as the number of requirements and volume of exam paper information can be challenging.

Our analysis of the SBM past papers shows that the majority of the 'technical' marks are for Financial Reporting and Financial Management knowledge. Therefore, students with good Financial Reporting (FAR/CR) and Financial Management (FM) knowledge should have little technical difficulty with the exam. With regard to the softer 'skills' marks, the examiners like to test students' ability to be able to absorb and analyse financial data and combine this with various pieces of narrative information. Therefore, the skills required are very similar to the Business Strategy and Technology (BST) and Case Study exams.

Tuition Options

To get you through your SBM exam, we offer our SBM Exam Masterclass webinars series and one-to-one tuition.

SBM Exam Masterclasses

Our SBM tuition course includes the frequently examined brought forward FM technical content (as most of our students also use our CR tuition services, we do not repeat FR tuition as part of the SBM course). We also include our BST data analysis exam technique masterclasses as the skills and exam techniques required for the SBM data analysis questions are very similar to the BST exam. Once you understand this key technical content and exam technique, the emphasis is on SBM exam technique. This involves our multiple ICAEW prize-winning tutor, Kieran Doe, working through a series of recent SBM exam questions to show you how you should read and interpret the requirements; allocate your time; read, interpret and analyse the exhibits; structure and write your answer; the points to include in your answer; and how and when to use your open book notes. Having learnt exactly how you should be approaching the SBM exam, you can then attempt other past paper questions to put these prize-winning exam technique skills to the test and watch your marks drastically improve!


Our online SBM course currently consists of 17 classes. 

  1. SBM Exam Technique Masterclass (July 2018 Q1)

  2. SBM Exam Technique Masterclass (July 2018 Q2)

  3. SBM Exam Technique Masterclass (Nov 2018 Q1)

  4. SBM Exam Technique Masterclass (Nov 2018 Q2)

  5. SBM Exam Technique Masterclass (July 2019 Q1)

  6. SBM Exam Technique Masterclass (July 2019 Q2)

  7. FM revision - Investment Appraisal

  8. FM revision - Business Valuation

  9. FM revision - Business Financing 1 (WACC, CAPM, APV)

  10. FM revision - Business Financing 2 (WACC, CAPM, Gearing, De-gearing and re-gearing beta)

  11. FM revision - Hedging 1 (Interest)

  12. FM revision - Hedging 2 (Currency)

  13. BST revision – Data analysis exam technique 1

  14. BST revision – Data analysis exam technique 2

  15. BST revision – Data analysis exam technique 3

  16. BST revision – Data analysis exam technique 4

  17. BST revision – Data analysis exam technique 5

Each class is between 1-3 hours in length. A sample is available to view below.​​ 

You can purchase each individual class via PayPal for only £30 by clicking on the 'rent' icon below. You can then watch the class as many times as you need to ensure that you have understood the technical principles and mastered the exam techniques taught during the class. You can stream the classes directly below and view them on any device which has internet connection within the 72 hour viewing period. If you require access for longer than 72 hours, we suggest that you opt for the Full Series Offer - see below for details.

Full Series Offer

You can subscribe to all of the classes for £250 and enjoy a viewing period of 6 months. Just click here to purchase. Once payment has been made, you can view the full series here. 

One-to-one tuition

If you are struggling with a particular area, then one-to-one tuition is also available. We suggest that one-to-one tuition is used to supplement the tuition provided by the online classes to address any specific areas where you require intensive support. 


Tuition fees are £85-95 p/hour depending on the level of seniority of the tutor. 

Please contact us here if you wish to book.

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