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Case Study

Having scored 92% in the Case Study exam, and winning the ICAEW prize for the highest score in the world, Kieran now teaches students the analytical skills and exam technique required to emulate this success. Under his guidance, one of our students also went on to win the ICAEW prize for the highest score in the world (score of 90%), whilst several others have won national and regional prizes.

You can watch the course introduction and a FREE SAMPLE CLASS  below.


The course begins by teaching you the methodology for tackling the exam, as well as passing on prize-winning tricks and tips. Kieran provides a detailed walk-through of how you should tackle the Case Study exam, from initial AI analysis through to typing your report on exam day. 


The next class is an exhibit by exhibit walk-through of the July 2024 AI, clearly demonstrating how each piece of information should be used in the exam. This enables you to understand the AI in an exam focused way.

The following classes debrief our July 2024 mock exams where Kieran teaches you exactly how you should have read and interpreted the exam as well as how you should have typed your answer, with reference to his prize-winning model answer.​ The classes provide detailed advice as to how you should work through each requirement. This enables you to fully understand how to apply the prize-winning technique to your particular Case Study business and the type of points you should include in your report. 

Classes which are based on the July 2024 AI will be added to the course after the AI has been released. The release dates for the classes can be found on the course structure document below. 


You can subscribe to all the classes for £395 and enjoy a viewing period of 12 months.


Please click HERE to purchase. Once payment has been made, you can view the full course HERE. ​

Please note that our July 2024 PDF materials are sold separately from the video course.


In the unlikely event that you fail your exam, we will extend your access until you pass your exam. This includes access to any additional content we upload in relation to subsequent Case Study businesses. There will be no extra cost to you. This reflects our commitment to getting you qualified, as well as the confidence we have in Kieran's track record. 

5 star transparent _edited.png

Having failed Case Study TWICE, I had seen this course pop up on YouTube whilst I tried to figure out where I was going wrong. Took the plunge to change resource providers and honestly, there are NO words to express how grateful I am! Kieran and the team guide you with a CLEAR and CONCISE approach which really helped me focus on what I needed to improve on and what I was previously doing wrong.

From past failures of 48 & 36 previously, to now a gratifying pass of 74, I am honestly on TOP of the world!!!

Don't hesitate - book before its too late, honestly you won't regret it!!!



(Case Study resit student who passed first time with us)

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