Case Study

Case Study

Having scored 92% in the Case Study exam, and winning the ICAEW prize for the highest score in the world, Kieran now teaches students the analytical skills and exam technique required to emulate this success. In fact, under his guidance, one of our students also went on to win the ICAEW prize for the highest score in the world (score of 90%), whilst another won a regional prize (score of 88%). Notably, one of our prize winners was a resit student, proving that our guidance and tutoring skills create a vast level of improvement in student exam performance.

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Having failed Case Study TWICE, I had seen this course pop up on YouTube whilst I tried to figure out where I was going wrong. Took the plunge to change resource providers and honestly, there are NO words to express how grateful I am! Kieran and the team guide you with a CLEAR and CONCISE approach which really helped me focus on what I needed to improve on and what I was previously doing wrong.

From past failures of 48 & 36 previously, to now a gratifying pass of 74, I am honestly on TOP of the world!!!

Don't hesitate - book before its too late, honestly you won't regret it!!!



(Case Study resit student who passed first time with us)

Tuition Options

To get you through your Case Study exam, we offer:


Case Study Live Course

The course begins by teaching you the methodology for tackling the exam, as well as passing on prize-winning tricks and tips. Kieran will provide a detailed walk-through of how you should tackle the Case Study exam, from initial Advance Information (AI) analysis through to typing you report on exam day. 


The focus of the second class is to provide an exhibit by exhibit walk-through of the AI, clearly demonstrating how each piece of information should be used in the exam. This enables you to understand the AI in an exam focused way.

You are then given the opportunity to put these skills to the test with a series of mock exams. You will be required to complete the exam in your own time using the ICAEW CBE software and submit this before class. This allows your tutor to identify shortcomings so that class time can be spent coaching you on the specific areas where your report requires improvement. In addition, Kieran will explain exactly how the exam should have been tackled and demonstrate this with his prize-winning model answer. 

We are very proud of the fact that we had a 100% student pass rate for the July 2022 exam! 

Pass Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you fail your exam, we will automatically enrol you on subsequent courses until you pass your exam. There will be no extra cost to you. This reflects our commitment to getting you qualified, as well as the confidence we have in Kieran's track record. In order for the pass guarantee to apply, you must attend all classes and complete all required work. 

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee is £950 which includes:

  • Proforma reports to use in the exam with reminders of the points to include for each section

  • A comprehensive analysis of the AI which identifies all the key facts and figures, showing where they are likely to appear in the exam

  • A list of probable exam scenarios and a reminder of the key points to include

  • Mock exams, marking grids and model answers which demonstrate exactly how you should write your points in the exam

  • Access to our Case Study video classes which are used as a preparatory and revision tool (see below)

Please contact us here for availability and course dates. 

Tuition is held online. Online tuition operates in exactly the same way as face-to-face tuition. Our online classroom uses video conferencing (Zoom) and electronic study materials. Many students prefer online tuition as they feel more comfortable asking questions using the chat function and because it saves travel costs and time. Classes are recorded so that you can watch each class as many times as you need before your exam. ​  


Case Study Video Course


As our live course is always over-subscribed, Kieran has recorded a video course. The video course teaches the same content and exam techniques as the live course. 

​​The course structure and a sample class can be found below. 

Classes 1-3: How to Ace the ACA Case Study - the Secrets of Success (available NOW)

The introductory classes will teach you the prize-winning Case Study exam approach which has been proven to deliver unrivalled success and will cover:

  • The technique which will enable you to score 90%+ on each requirement

  • A step by step walk-through of how you should tackle each requirement in the Case Study exam. Each class uses a recent Case Study exam to provide a practical demonstration of how to read and interpret the requirement; how to use the AI; how to use the exam paper information; how to structure the report; and what points to include in each section 

  • How to ensure that every point you type is a mark scoring one

  • How to utilise the AI and exam paper information to maximum effect

  • The optimal proforma report and paragraph structure for time efficiency and mark maximisation 

  • Time minimisation techniques

Each class focusses on one of three Case Study requirements. Each class covers the respective section in the Executive Summary.

Class 4: November 2022 Advance Information Masterclass (available NOW)

Expert advice on how to use the AI in your exam preparation, which includes:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the AI and identification of key facts, figures and trends 

  • Consideration of how each piece of information is likely to feature in the exam

  • Probable exam scenarios for each requirement and recommended approach to take

Class 5: November 2022 Mock Exam 1 - Debrief* (available NOW)

A full debrief of our first mock exam where Kieran will teach you exactly how you should have read and interpreted the exam as well as how you should have typed your answer, with reference to his prize-winning model answer.

The class focusses on each requirement in turn and provides detailed advice as to how you should work through the requirement. This enables you to fully understand how to apply the prize-winning technique to your particular Case Study business and the type of points you should include in your report. 

Class 6: November 2022 Mock Exam 2 - Debrief* (available NOW)

Similar to the above, Kieran will show you exactly how you should have read and interpreted the second mock exam as well as how you should have typed your report, with reference to his prize-winning model answer. 

Class 7: November 2022 Mock Exam 3 - Debrief* (available NOW)

Similar to the above, Kieran will show you exactly how you should have read and interpreted the third mock exam as well as how you should have typed your report, with reference to his prize-winning model answer. 

*It is strongly advised that you complete each mock exam under exam conditions prior to watching classes 5, 6 and 7, as this will enable you to get most benefit from the class. You could even re-attempt the exam after you have watched the class so that you can incorporate any necessary improvements into your exam technique. Please note that you will need to purchase the mock exams separately (see below).

Tuition Fees

You can watch the first class for free below. You can then purchase each individual class for £50 by clicking on the 'Rent' icon below. You can then watch the class as many times as you need to ensure that you have understood the principles and mastered the exam techniques taught during the class. You can stream the classes directly below and view them on any device which has internet connection within the 72 hour viewing period. If you require access for longer than 72 hours, we suggest that you opt for the Full Course Offer - see below for details.