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Student feedback

Student Feedback

I am officially an exam qualified chartered accountant!! :D I passed my CR Resit (70%) and my Case Study (first attempt), I got 65%. I am so happy and still cannot believe it! I had to recheck my results at least 5 times to make sure 😆😆😆

Thank you for guiding me through all my exams from Professionals all the way up to Advanced. I definitely wouldn't have been able to achieve all these passes, without your help and your guidance! Also I felt like I was on the brink of quitting after July, due to being so stressed about the exams!! But thanks for encouraging me to not give up!! Again, thanks so much Kieran. I am forever grateful!

Sarah (Newly Qualified ACA)

I think that on average before I enlisted the help of Kieran & ACA Masters, I failed every other exam & averaged 50% on the earlier stage exams then after utilising ACA Masters help/material, I averaged 80% & achieved first time passes on the later stage professional level & the entire advanced level! It really did move mountains for me, I hope it can do the same for you! Cheers!

Tom (Newly Qualified ACA)

I used ACA masters for TC, BPT, CR, SBM and the Case Study. I had struggled with previous tuition providers, and passed all the above with the assistance of ACA Masters. Notably passing all 3 advanced first time in one go. It simply would not have been possible without ACA masters.

The video course allows you to focus on areas you struggle with, and explains concepts in a very straightforward way. The notes are condensed compared to other tuition providers, which makes it much easier to cover all the content. Further to this, in the open-book exams it is very easy to find technical content & put down easy marks with the help of the open-book notes.

I don't know where to begin with my gratitude for ACA Masters & Kieran. Passing aside, his courses are extremely accessible and affordable. You can complete them in your own time, and they are far, far cheaper than the alternatives.

I have said this to Kieran already but I can wholeheartedly, honestly say I would not have qualified today if it weren't for ACA Masters. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat!

Esna (Newly Qualified ACA)

I passed case study and got 70!! I’m so thrilled and can’t really believe it’s all over and I’m finally qualified! Thank you so so much for all your help, honestly I have never met a tutor who explained things as well as you did and I could never have done this without your courses. I was very close to quitting after my first two exams that I failed in certificate level and then I decided to switch tuition provider and purchased your courses which have really changed my life. I’m so grateful.

Sahar (Newly Qualified ACA)

I managed to pass all 3 Advanced level exams (CR 60, CS 74 and SBM 62) having done the live courses with Kieran. The open book notes provided were really easy to use and his demonstration of how to approach different style questions really made the difference for me. Thank you!

Laura (Newly Qualified ACA)

Kieran and ACA masters are a game changer for anyone studying for the ACA qualification. I wouldn’t have qualified without the incredible study materials, extensive video bank and, of course, Kieran’s exam question focused teaching style that gave me the confidence to tackle anything that came up in the exam. Thank you Kieran.

Harika (Newly Qualified ACA)

ACA Masters have got me through the tougher ACA papers (including FAR, CR and BPT), all with first time passes. Their USP is the combination of keeping teaching genuinely simple and digestible in small groups (<10 people), as well as great notes and question walkthrough videos, delivered by Kieran Doe who 'walks the walk' with his own exam record. The system is established enough to offer structure to the learning, but personal enough to give you the tailored approach you need on weaker areas.

What makes the outlay a no brainer is when you consider the earning potential of somebody with first time passes vs not, the fees are more than justified. Not to mention that delaying full qualification by 6 months due to eg, an advanced level retake is usually a salary bump foregone of about 3-5k (after tax) depending on where you work.

I'd recommend it for any student, but particularly for those who have precious few hours in the evenings due to their job, so need to maximise the learning and can't spend too long getting bogged down in the sort of 500+ page notes provided by ***.

Oscar (Qualified ACA student who passed all his exams with us first time)

I just want to also say thank you for the help and tuition throughout my whole ACA progress.  I went from failing certificate level Accounting twice (35 and 37) to getting 78 in my CR exam this summer, and this is entirely due to your tuition which helped me perfect my exam technique.  Since using your courses (from my first professional level exam), I've had first time passes which was something I never thought I would be capable of when it took me at least two attempts to get through four of the certificate levels (when being taught by another tuition provider).  I cannot thank you nearly enough for helping me get through the ACA.  I've had tuition from two main providers through my firm, and if I were asked to recommend tuition for the ACA, I would recommend ACA Masters every time. Thank you again!

Kieran S (Qualified ACA student who passed all his exams with us first time)

I started to look for additional help online in September 2019 as I was very desperate to try to understand ACA BPT exams and I still think it was the hardest exam I have ever sat in my life. I ended up purchasing Kieran's BPT video the week before the exam. Though I did not manage to watch all of them, it was very very helpful with my revision and I managed to pass it! I also bought SBM videos subsequently, and I sat the exam stress free and get 70% from it.

For the final 3 advanced level exam, I bought Kieran's CR video, open book, and case study video. The open book was amazing and very succinct, make it easier to refer to in the exam considering that CR exam was very time pressured. The case videos helped me so much compared to another tuition that my employer enrolled me in since it gives a detailed method on how to answer the case and collect the diamonds, giving me a very clear structure on what to write. I ended up getting 79% in my case and 76% in CR. Thank you so much Kieran for all your help! I really appreciate it :)

Sarah (Qualified ACA student who passed all her exams with us first time)

I took all my Professional and Advanced level exams with ACA Masters and passed all of them first time. Look no further than ACA Masters if you are looking to pass your ACA exams first time! Kieran's succinct course notes allows you to focus where it it matters most: Exam practice. The emphasis on exam technique allows you to master any ACA exam question even those that may seem out of the ordinary on exam day. All of this coupled with small class sizes and rapid question response makes ACA Masters ideal for exam success. 100 % recommend- Thanks again Kieran!

Harold (Qualified ACA student who passed all his exams with us first time)


I heard on Friday that I passed my Advanced Level exams so am now a fully qualified accountant. I want to say a massive THANK YOU for all your help. I genuinely couldn't have done it without your live classes for FAR and TC and then your online recorded ones for the later exams as I moved back home to Edinburgh in the run up to my exams due to COVID and being able to WFH. Originally failing FAR and TC really gave me a confidence knock, but doubling my TC score with ACA Masters really helped me believe I could go all the way with the ACA and finally qualify.

I have dyslexia so really struggled learning from the BPP online classes with my colleagues. Having the ability to pause your recordings really helped change the way I learnt, especially going over the past paper examples, so I could work out where I'd gone wrong. Your learning techniques really helped to simplify some very complex courses and I now have a solid understanding of them and was
able to apply them effectively in my exam papers. I have already recommended your courses to a few people I know who have been struggling with the ACA and will definitely continue to do so.

Kirsten (Qualified ACA student who passed all her exams with us first time)

I passed the Case Study exam today with a score of 61%.Thinking back to 2 years ago, my confidence was really down when I had initially failed TC and I had doubts if I could have finished the ACA qualification. But your guidance & teaching on my retake and every exam thereafter was spot on - I can't express how grateful I'm for your help. I just wanted to take the time and extend my thanks to both of you as I couldn't have completed the ACA journey without your guidance. A long journey with 3 years in the making. I'm glad to have it all completed. Words are not enough to express to you how grateful I am for your help.  Thank you very much! It has been a pleasure.

Shekhar (Qualified ACA student who passed all his exams with us first time)

Kieran is a professional and dedicated teacher. I would not have been able to pass my CR exam without the help and support from Kieran. His effective exam technique meant that I was able to get across important points under the intense time pressure. Kieran is supportive, kind and encouraging which definitely helped me get to where I am today, being fully exam qualified.Thank you so much Kieran for all your help. I am forever grateful.

Hai (Qualified ACA)

I've only got positive stuff to say about the courses, since I've been with you I've not failed an exam!

I think the best thing you do though, is that you teach the topics and then go into an exam question on that topic and show that actually the exam papers aren't that difficult. I always left the classes feeling confident I could answer the exam questions. I remember previously at ****** courses I always seemed to feel the total opposite, if anything those ****** tutors used to confuse me more! I also like the fact you don't try and teach everything, and that you focus on the important stuff. 

I'll continue to recommend you to anyone I meet doing the ACA! I genuinely could not have passed without your help so thank you again!

Ben (Qualified ACA student who passed all his exams with us first time)

I came to Kieran as I failed one of the papers twice, the 5 exams I used him for my exam tuition I passed them all first time and have now finished the ACA. His approach to tuition is very good its at the right pace focusing on exam technique with a lot of past papers whilst teaching the technical areas thoroughly, which helped a lot in the exams. The materials he provides are very helpful and would recommend him to any ACA student.

Jake (Qualified ACA student who passed all his exams with us first time)

I was on my last attempt of TC before deciding I needed some extra help, with Kieran's guidance I got one of my highest scores in that exam. I then went on to do my remaining 4 exams with him and passed them all first time round. His teaching method of breaking it down into the most important parts is what worked for me and also the strong emphasis on past exam papers. Can't recommend highly enough!

Victoria (Qualified ACA student who passed all his exams with us first time)

I would highly recommend Kieran to anyone studying the ACA. His coaching is excellent and he is very good at transferring knowledge and enabling students to understand the technical parts of the course. His exam technique is what helped me to pass the exams and the Masterclass topics provided are very useful for this. The classes involve Kieran teaching a technical area and then going through a past paper question. It is at a good pace and useful for understanding how to approach the question. These classes are also available online so that students can go through in their own time. Kieran wastes no time during lessons - he is very efficient and teaches students what they need to know to get through the exams. He does this by ensuring his students understand the technical parts so that they can cope with exam pressure / any change in the exams usual style of questions. Kieran instilled confidence in me for my exams, as I am sure he does with all students, which is why his exam pass rate is so high. I had previously failed BPT twice and I achieved 30 more marks after attending Kieran's course. His standard of teaching is much higher than I achieved in other tutor providers.

Emma (BPT, CR, SBM and Case student who passed first time with us)

Kieran's courses are great! They're very informative and everything needed to get through the ACA exams is taught to a great level. I have used both the pre-recorded courses and the live courses and cannot recommend them enough. I have passed all exams that I have studied with ACA masters first time, even after failing some with another tutor. I cannot recommend enough!

Lewis (ACA student who passed his exams first time with us)

The focus on exam technique using past papers was the key to me passing the exam, from the start Kieran showed how to apply the knowledge to exam questions rather than just going through technical content. The tuition was at the right pace, the course was well structured and the cheat sheets were very helpful in the exam! I would recommend the BPT course to other students. 

Ben (BPT student who scored 73% on his first attempt) 

The proformas are great, especially the ones for consolidation. The slides and audit little booklet are good summary of all the topics, much better than Kaplan’s workbook. One of the big challenges for the CR exam is to apply the knowledge to the questions as the questions are integrated - the tuition focus on exam technique really helped with this. It is a really intensive course but I enjoyed it.

Flora (CR resit student who passed first time with us) 

Kieran was a key part to me passing my CR exam. He broke down the key areas that are fundamental to passing the exam and taught them in a way that was far easier to digest than a classroom college setting. I have already booked in for Case Study tuition and have no doubt he will be a massive help once again. Thanks a lot!

Marcus (CR student who passed first time with us)

Kieran was an excellent help as part of my preparations for the Case Study exam. He had the ability to simplify complex concepts and ideas, and was always on hand to answer and questions/queries that I had.  The materials that Kieran provided - his mock model answers and Advanced Information breakdown - were valuable resources, which enabled me to prepare well for the big day

Should anyone I know require ICAEW tuition in the future, I definitely know in which direction I will be pointing them towards!

Jordan (Regional Prize winner for several exams)


Kieran has been an excellent tutor! He has provided extra resources to refer to and all lessons have been organised and well structured with a great focus on exam style questions and useful techniques/tips. Would highly recommend him!

Simran, EY (passed Accounting, Tax and Management Information first time with scores of above 90%)

I was really struggling with the ACA accounting and tax material and Kieran has provided excellent guidance and techniques to help me pass these exams. He`s a very patient tutor and really makes sure that you feel confident going into the exam. Very friendly and always helpful, would highly recommend.

William (Tax and Accounting resit student who passed with us)

Kieran is a great tutor and helped to alleviate much of the stress of the revision process. He is always prepared for lessons with a lesson plan and additional resources. He is also good at explaining tricky concepts and adapts to your learning pace. As a person, he is affable, enthusiastic in lessons and keen to help you pass the exams

Codee, PwC (Tax Compliance resit student who passed first time with us)

The case study course was a really great clarifier/ simplifier of how to nail the case study exam technique. I would also say the material you provided around our specific case was really useful - highlighting exactly which exhibits are relevant to which requirement and how to fully use the AI! Would fully recommend this course to any first timers and/ or retakers! 

Emily (Case Study resit student who passed first time with us)

Kieran's CR teaching style is very exam focused and builds confidence through his teaching style by breaking down exam questions which look complex into logical, structured answers. We were able to cover a large volume of information in a short amount of time, whilst feeling that I was able to retain all the knowledge that we covered in class. The lessons most definitely helped gain crucial marks in my exam.

Kieran's Case Study technique is simplistic, and breaks a seemingly complex and confusing exam to a straightforward task. Brilliant method for passing the case exam!!

CR and Case Study student who passed first time with us

Huge thank you for getting me through my MI resit, & also being able to achieve a high mark in it! The lessons are really well structured around the exam syllabus. They are concise and focus on the key skills you need to know to get through the exam. It simplified a lot of the more technical problems I was struggling with. Kieran’s approach to teaching makes it extremely understandable & he was more than happy to repeat some of the learning where I hadn’t fully grasped it. Would highly recommend!

Rebecca (Management Information resit student who passed first time with us with a score of 81%)

Kieran's structured approach helped my understanding of key areas hugely. Breaking down tricky topics into smaller manageable chunks made learning them so much easier. The tuition was pitched at the right speed and there was always the chance to retrace any areas which I did not initially grasp as easily as others. 

His specific exam tips were extremely helpful and made me feel more relaxed going into the exam room. I would definitely recommend Kieran's tuition for MI to other students - I almost doubled my exam result!

Matt (Fourth attempt MI resit student who passed first time with us)

Either fortunately or unfortunately, you won't be seeing any more of me! 61, 64 and 71. A massive, MASSIVE thank you to you Kieran - a lot of this is down to your help!

Josh, (BPT, CR and Case student who passed all his exams first time with us)

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