Accounting (AC) 

For the majority of students, Accounting is the first exam they sit and the highly technical content can prove tricky for many. Given that 40% of the marks are allocated to the long scenario question, a solid performance on this part is essential to achieving a pass. Students need to be equally prepared for either an Income Statement & Statement of Financial Position or a Cash Flow Statement and be able to complete the question in full, whilst not exceeding the challenging time allocation. Given the critical importance of this question, our Accounting masterclass tuition teaches our students the optimal exam technique for tackling both types of question. This enables our students to complete the question well within the time allocation whilst still scoring full marks. In fact, one of our students recently scored over 90% using this technique!

A sample of our student feedback is included below: 

After practice using your technique for cash flow statements, I was able to complete well within the time and passed with flying colours.

Ash (Accounting student who used our Masterclass webinars to pass)

I was a bit sceptical about an online lesson, however Kieran put any doubts in my mind to rest. He was clear and concise when explaining things. Focused on the main areas and provided guidance on the optimal exam technique in order to pass. Will definitely be using Kieran for the remainder of my exams and would highly recommend to anyone thinking of using a tutor to help with the ACA. 

Kaz (Accounting resit student who passed first time with us)

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my Accounting resit this week! I don’t think I’d have been so confident with my cash flow if it wasn’t for your masterclasses. I will certainly be getting your other masterclasses for my next level! 

Elizabeth (Accounting resit student who passed first time with us)

Just thought I’d update you regarding my Accounting exam I had on Friday. I passed! Thank you for all your help I really appreciate it. I got SFP so going through it last Tuesday really helped.

Ammarah (Accounting resit student who passed first time with us)

Kieran has been an excellent tutor! All the lessons have been organised and well structured with a great focus on exam style questions and useful techniques/tips. Would highly recommend him!

Simran (passed Accounting, Tax and Management Information first time)


I got 73 in Accounting. Thanks for all your help with it!

Max (passed Accounting first time having struggled with a large classroom tuition provider)

The help on the long format questions for cash flow and SFP was brilliant. It helped me maximise my time and answer efficiently.

Amandeep (Accounting student who passed first time with us)

Kieran’s method of tackling the exam really helped me when it came to the exam. His help was focused on all the tricky areas and made sure to demonstrate the best way to pick up the marks. I would recommend Kieran to everyone doing ACA.

Humaira (Accounting student who passed first time with us)

Tuition Options

Our Accounting tuition is available as one-to-one online classes and as a pre-recorded webinar series. It is possible to use both methods of delivery as different questions are used in each. 

Accounting Exam Masterclass webinars

To get you through your Accounting exam with top marks, our prize-winning Senior ACA tutor Kieran Doe has recorded a series of Accounting exam masterclasses.

Each class explains the key technical concepts and demonstrates the optimal exam technique for each type of long form question by working through recent exam questions from the ICAEW Question Bank in full. The classes apply the exam strategies and techniques which resulted in Kieran winning several prizes from the ICAEW for his performance in the ACA exams. 

Many students prefer the masterclass webinars to one-to-one tuition as they offer a lower cost option whilst yielding exactly the same benefits. You can view one of the masterclasses below. 

The classes are structured as follows:

  1. Income Statement and SFP 1

  2. Income Statement and SFP 2

  3. Income Statement and SFP 3

  4. Income Statement and SFP 4

  5. Cash Flow Statement 1

  6. Cash Flow Statement 2

  7. Cash Flow Statement 3

You can purchase each individual class via PayPal for only £15. You can then watch the class as many times as you need to ensure that you have mastered the technical principles and exam techniques taught during the class. You can stream the classes directly below and view them on any device which has internet connection within the 72 hour viewing period. If you require access for longer than 72 hours, we suggest that you opt for the Full Series Offer - see below for details. 

Full Series Offer

​​You can subscribe to all of the classes for £120 and enjoy a viewing period of up to 6 months. Just click on the rent icon on the video below to purchase via PayPal.


Please note that PayPal will set this up as a monthly channel subscription so you will need to cancel your subscription a day before the end of the first month. You can cancel your subscription via PayPal. If you require access for longer than one month then please email us your PayPal payment confirmation email and we will send you a link to the videos so you can continue watching the videos for a further 5 months. There is no additional charge for this. ​ 

One-to-one tuition

Having one-to-one tuition with one of our expert Accounting tutors enables you to focus on particular areas you struggle to understand.

Tuition fees are £75 per hour. Tuition is held online.

Online tuition operates in exactly the same way as face-to-face tuition. Our online classroom software uses video conferencing, screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, ICAEW question banks and computer based exam software.                                                                                                                                                                                       ​

Please contact us here if you wish to book.

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