Professional Level 

Learn how to ace the ACA Professional Level exams

Having won an ICAEW prize for Financial Accounting and Reporting, Tax, Audit and Assurance, Business Strategy and Financial Management before going on to win the prize for the highest score in the world for the final Case Study exam, our senior ACA tutor Kieran knows exactly how to ace the Professional level exams. Having developed the optimal exam technique for each exam, Kieran now teaches these exam strategies to the next generation of ACA students. So if you want to pass your ACA Professional level exams with great marks, you are in the right place.

Please click on the links below for detailed information of tuition programmes for each subject:

Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)

Tax Compliance (TC)

Business Planning: Tax (BPT)

Financial Management (FM)

Audit and Assurance (AA)

Business Strategy and Technology (BST)


Exam Masterclass Webinars

As it is not possible for all students to attend our classroom courses in London, we have created a series of webinars where our prize-winning ACA tutor demonstrates how to score top marks in the Professional level exams. Full details can be found on the relevant page for each subject (using the links above) but the webinars are also included here for your convenience.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ A trailer for each subject is available to view below.

​​You can subscribe to all the webinars from £150 per subject and enjoy a viewing period of one month. Just click on the subscribe icon on the videos below to purchase via PayPal.


Please note that this is a monthly channel subscription so you will need to cancel your subscription a day before the end of the first month. You can cancel your subscription via PayPal.


If you require access for longer than one month then please contact us and we can arrange this for you at no extra cost.

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