Business Planning:Tax

Business Planning: Tax (BPT)

BPT is by far the most dreaded of the Professional Level exams. Unlike TC, the questions are not neatly divided up between distinct taxes and BPT requires students to take a 'multi-tax' approach to questions. In addition, BPT is an advisory paper rather than a computational paper meaning that students are required to produce predominantly narrative answers which advise clients across a range of options, rather than just calculating tax liabilities. Therefore, exam technique is of fundamental importance in BPT. Fortunately for you, we have devised the optimal exam technique for you to use in BPT, which is the same technique that resulted in your tutor scoring 88% in the Tax exam and winning a prize from the ICAEW.

A small sample of our student feedback is included below:

Would definitely recommend Kieran, following his tutorial my retake BPT mark increased to 95%. He effectively used the time during tutorials to go through the key concepts to clear up the trickier areas and focused the rest of the time on exam technique. This particularly helped me in transforming my mark as I felt I understood and knew the material well however was not getting the marks. During class we went through past exam questions and how to approach them and what should be included in the answers. He also provided a lot of additional learning materials to refer back to and some exam notes that were particularly helpful. I would definitely recommend his course to BPT students.

Poppy (BPT resit student who passed first time with us with a score of 95%)

I had failed BPT in two consecutive sittings and was wondering how I was going to gain the motivation to go at it a third time. A few lessons, six weeks and a third BPT exam later, I went from a 49 to a 74! The change really was drastic. The sessions were set up in a private classroom with a small group of students which provided a great balance. It was personal enough that I felt that Kieran could give me the attention I required, whilst also allowing me to gain a perspective of other people's struggles in some of the harder topics of each exam. Kieran even provided simplified open book exam notes that broke down the key areas of the exam into more manageable parts and pro-formas for many of the tougher areas, saving me time creating my own, and allowing me to quickly open these in the exam.

Josh (BPT resit student who passed first time with us with a score of 74%)


After failing BPT twice, whilst studying at a different college, my confidence was massively knocked. Kieran was able to build my confidence back up, and made me believe that I could pass the exam. He taught me how to keep calm under pressure, which as someone who suffers from anxiety related to exams, was extremely important. I am a history graduate, and love writing. Turns out, BPT is not an exam for a beautiful essay. He consistently focused on exam technique, and writing simply to score marks. This encouraged me to cut out the additional information where I wasn’t scoring any marks, and was wasting time. Kieran was always on hand to answer any questions that I had related to the material, and also provided some very high-standard BPT notes. 5 classes with Kieran, and I secured 89% in BPT. Thank you so much!

Devon (BPT resit student who passed first time with us with a score of 89%)

The focus on exam technique using past papers was the key to me passing the exam, from the start Kieran showed how to apply the knowledge to exam questions rather than just going through technical content. The tuition was at the right pace, the course was well structured and the cheat sheets were very helpful in the exam! I would recommend the BPT course to other students. 

Ben (BPT student who scored 73% on his first attempt) 

I would highly recommend Kieran's tuition to my colleagues and anyone looking to pass the ACA exams. The tuition was invaluable to helping me pass BPT, and pass with a very solid margin as well. I had failed the December exam which we focused on, and so understanding the questions was key to helping me learn. The questions covered the 4 topics i found hardest, and I felt extremely confident on these going into the exam. Kieran focused on exam technique as much as possible, explaining ways he would formulate questions with short, key answers. He was also very helpful in explaining all of my questions. 

William (BPT resit student who passed first time with us with a  score of 67%)

Kieran's exam technique makes it look so simple. He breaks down what looks to be a long difficult question from past exam papers in small parts so that you are able to gain maximum marks. He also keeps reminding you how to get easier marks that could easily be overlooked. His open book notes are exactly what you need if you get stuck in a question during the exam - short, clear, concise and very well laid out. 

Bryan (BPT resit student who passed first time with us)

Just wanted to let you know my result – I PASSED! I got 80 and needless to say am over the moon. Just could not have done it without you. I fully intend on coming back to you, you were fantastic every step of the way. I won’t be sitting the final stage until post May 2019  so I really, really hope that when I come back and move onto the final set you are still around. Thank you SO much for everything, no prize winning here but so grateful that I actually passed – a huge relief off my shoulders. And such a great mark! The best I have gotten to date from professional upwards!

Sophia (BPT student who passed first time with us with a  score of 80%)

Tuition Options

To get you through your BPT exam, we offer small group classroom tuition, online tuition and one-to-one tuition.


Classroom tuition - London

Our BPT course comprises six classes which are held on Saturdays in central London. As our TC revision lectures are provided in advance of the BPT course, classroom tuition focuses on teaching students the most examinable, new BPT content with a focus on how to identify the relevant issues in the exam paper and structure your answer in order to maximise your marks. In addition to teaching you the technical content, we will work through recent exam questions on frequently examined topics such as company migration, liquidation, incorporation, corporate disposal, capital disposal planing and residency. This will ensure that you get up to passing standard as soon as possible – rather than wasting time with ‘warm-up’ questions. Our unrivalled student success rate is very much due to the fact that our tuition predominately focuses on teaching you our prize-winning BPT exam technique.

The classes are structured as follows:

  1. Personal taxes

  2. Corporation tax - UK aspects

  3. Corporation tax - International aspects

  4. Business Structuring and Indirect taxes

  5. Exam Technique Masterclass 1

  6. Exam Technique Masterclass 2

Tuition fees

There are two payment options for the BPT classroom course.


Option 1: Pay as you go

Tuition fees are £150 per class.

Option 2: Full Course

For students attending all 6 classes, the tuition fee is reduced to £130 per class.

Therefore, the full cost of the course is £780.

The full course includes:

- Access to our popular BPT exam masterclass webinars which sell separately for £195 (see below).

- Access to our TC webinars as most students need a refresher on the essential brought forward TC knowledge. These sell separately for £150.

- BPT learning materials and our Open Book Notes which sell separately for £25 (see below).

- A £10 per hour discount on one-to-one tuition (see below).

Given how difficult BPT is to pass, our classes are nearly always oversubscribed so please contact us here if you wish to book.


Tuition is held in central London on Saturdays. Each class has a maximum of 12 students. This small group format ensures that the tutor can dedicate sufficient attention to each individual student, whilst at the same time building a collaborative learning environment where questions can be freely asked. This small group format has proved highly effective for our current and former students and is a contributing factor to our exceptionally high student pass rate. Students are also encouraged to act as ‘study buddies’ outside of formal tutoring hours.


Online tuition - BPT Exam Masterclass webinars

As it is not possible for all students to attend our BPT classroom course in London and because the course is nearly always fully booked, our prize-winning Senior ACA tutor has recorded a series of BPT masterclasses. 


Our online masterclasses teach the same content and exam techniques as our classroom tuition (above). Many students prefer the online masterclasses as they offer a lower cost option and can be accessed from any location with internet connection. 

Each class focuses on a common BPT examination area and explains the key technical concepts before demonstrating the optimal exam technique by tackling recent past exam questions in full. The classes apply the exam strategies and techniques which resulted in Kieran scoring 88% in the Tax exam and winning a prize from the ICAEW.

There are eleven BPT classes in total, with each class teaching you the key technical concepts and optimal exam technique for a common BPT exam question (several of our recent students have scored 95%+ despite having failed with another tuition provider prior to studying with us). We have also included TC revision classes to refresh you on the essential brought forward content.


Each class is approximately 1-2 hours in length. The classes are structured so that the course covers each type of BPT exam question and a full range of technical areas.


  1. Multi tax - Corporate tax, VAT and SDLT 

  2. Corporate tax - Groups 1

  3. Corporate tax - Groups 2

  4. Corporate tax - Corporate disposal

  5. Corporate tax - Liquidation 

  6. Corporate tax - PE incorporation, De-grouping charges, SSE 

  7. Corporate tax - Anti-avoidance: CFCs, DPT, Transfer pricing 

  8. Corporate tax - PE v Sub; Personal taxes - Residency

  9. Business Structuring - Sole trader v Limited company 

  10. Business Restructuring - Incorporation

  11. Personal taxes -CGT, IHT and Trusts

  1. TC Revision: Income Tax -Basics

  2. TC Revision: Income Tax -Employment Income

  3. TC Revision: Income Tax -Trading Income

  4. TC Revision: Income Tax -Planning and net disposable income

  5. TC Revision: Corporation Tax

  6. TC Revision: CGT - Basics

  7. TC Revision: CGT - Reliefs

  8. TC Revision: CGT - International

  9. TC Revision: IHT

  10. TC Revision: VAT and Stamp Duty


​​​A trailer for our BPT exam masterclass series can be found below. ​​

You can purchase each individual class via PayPal for only £30 by clicking on the 'rent' icon below. You can then watch the class as many times as you need to ensure that you have understood the technical principles and mastered the exam techniques taught during the class. You can stream the classes directly below and view them on any device which has internet connection within the 72 hour viewing period. If you require access for longer than 72 hours, we suggest that you opt for the Full Series Offer - see below for details.

Full Series Offer

You can subscribe to all of the classes for £195 and enjoy a viewing period of up to 6 months. Just click on the subscribe icon on the video below to purchase via PayPal.


Please note that PayPal will set this up as a monthly channel subscription so you will need to cancel your subscription a day before the end of the first month. You can cancel your subscription via PayPal. If you require access for longer than one month then please email us your PayPal payment confirmation email and we will send you a link to the videos so you can continue watching the videos for a further 5 months. There is no additional charge for this. ​ 

Students who have subscribed to the full series are also entitled to a £10 per hour discount on one-to-one tuition (see below).

Please note that the amount of tax allowances, tax bands and tax rates are updated every year in the Finance Act. As a result, every year there are changes made to the ICAEW question bank to reflect the updated allowances, bands and rates. For the vast majority of questions, these are the only changes made. Therefore, the fundamental nature of the question and the examinable content has not changed. Our BPT masterclasses use the allowances, bands and rates at the time of recording. We continuously review each class in detail to ensure that the technical content and the exam techniques taught are still relevant for your exam, despite the minor changes in tax allowances, tax bands and tax rates. Whilst the classes may use the allowances, bands and rates from previous years, this does not mean that the technical content or the exam techniques taught are any less relevant to your exam, it is simply the fact that the allowances, bands and rates are updated every year and therefore result in minor changes to the question answers. 


One-to-one tuition

If you are struggling with a particular area, then one-to-one tuition is also available. We suggest that one-to-one tuition is used to supplement the tuition provided during our classroom or online classes to address any specific areas where you require intensive support. 


Tuition fees are £95 p/hour.

We offer a £10 per hour discount on one-to-one tuition for students who attend either our classroom tuition or online tuition.

Please contact us here if you wish to book.

Learning materials

Our prize-winning ACA tutor, Kieran Doe, has developed our unique BPT learning materials for use in the exam which consist of:


  • Easy-to-use technical notes for each area of the syllabus, calculation proformas, and most importantly, a reminder of the points to include for the most common exam scenarios e.g. corporate migration, liquidation, corporate disposal, incorporation, residency and capital disposal planning  

A small sample from various sections is included below. The price for our unique BPT materials is £25. You can purchase below using PayPal; if you wish to use another payment method then please contact us.

Once payment has been received, you will receive the materials via email within 24 hours.

Contact us here or email

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