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Business Strategy and Technology

Business Strategy and Technology (BST)

BST is a skills-based exam, so the examiners like to test your ability to absorb and analyse financial data and combine this with various pieces of non-financial and narrative information. Whilst the exam relies on a general working knowledge of business strategy, operations, accounting and finance, the examiners do not seek to test students' ability to learn and regurgitate the abstract management theories from the ICAEW Workbook.


Our tuition is appropriately exam focused and we will develop your exam technique by teaching you exactly how to read, interpret and analyse the exam paper, before showing you the specific technique you should use when generating points and typing your answer for each type of BST exam question.


You will be taught the BST exam strategies and techniques which resulted in your tutor winning several prizes from ICAEW, including one for BST and another for the highest score in the world for the final Case Study exam (the Case Study examines the same skills as BST).

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Great tuition which focused on exam technique, which was of primary concern, especially as the exam has so little technical content. This focus was particularly helpful as I have always struggled with my writing style. Exams tips were very helpful, especially the areas not to bother to concentrate on, which for an exam like BST was very important. I would definitely recommend the lessons to friends. I have signed up for CR and Case with Kieran and am looking forward to both.


(BST student who passed first time with us!)



To get you through your BST exam with top marks, our prize-winning Senior ACA Tutor Kieran Doe has recorded a video course. ​Each class works through a recent exam question in full in order to teach you how to read, interpret and analyse the exam paper information; how to analyse the data provided in the question; how to generate points to included in your answer; and how to type the answer in the most efficient, mark-maximising way. The exam techniques you will be taught are those which enabled your tutor to win several prizes from the ICAEW, including one for BST.

Having learnt exactly how you should be approaching each type of BST exam question, you can then attempt other past exams to put these prize-winning exam technique skills to the test and watch your marks drastically improve (hopefully you will join our growing list of prize winners!)


  1. How to Analyse the Financial Performance and Position of a Business - (Free Sample Class - below)

  2. Performance Analysis, 'General' BST Questions and Ethics (Jun 19 Q1) - (Free Sample Class - below)

  3. Performance Analysis, 'General' BST Questions and Ethics (Mar 18 Q1)

  4. Performance Analysis and 'General' BST Questions (Jun 18 Q1)

  5. Performance Analysis, 'General' BST Questions and Ethics (Sep 17 Q1)

  6. Performance Analysis (Jun 17 Q1)

  7. Performance Analysis: Pre-Populated Spreadsheet Questions 1 (Pico Fogo)

  8. Performance Analysis: Pre-Populated Spreadsheet Questions 2 (Chromo)

  9. Financial Appraisal: Profit calculation, 'General' BST Questions and Ethics (Dec 19 Q2)

  10. Financial Appraisal: Break-Even (Sep 18 Q2)

  11. Financial Appraisal: Pricing Policy (Jun 16 Q2)

  12. 'Own ideas' Questions (Dec 19 Q3)

  13. MI Revision: Variance Analysis

  14. MI Revision: Break Even Analysis

  15. MI Revision: Investment Appraisal


You can watch two of the classes for free below. ​You will need to create an account before watching the second sample class. You can purchase other classes for £20 by clicking on the 'Rent' icon below. You can then watch the class as many times as you need to ensure that you have understood the technical principles and mastered the exam techniques taught during the class. You can stream the classes directly below and view them on any device which has internet connection within the 72 hour viewing period. If you require access for longer than 72 hours, we suggest that you opt for the Full Course Offer - see below for details.