Financial Accounting  and Reporting 

Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) IFRS

Our FAR tuition is extremely exam focused and once a technical subject has been taught, we will develop your exam technique by teaching you the most effective way to answer each type of FAR exam question (the four FAR questions are very different from one another, so we have devised the optimal exam strategy for each).


The learning strategies and exam techniques you will be taught are those which enabled your tutor to score 88% and win a prize from the ICAEW for his performance in FAR. This tuition approach has resulted in several of our students also winning prizes.


"Kieran helped me get from 19% to 70% in FAR! I attended Kieran's Saturday classes and was really impressed with the amount of support included in the course. The course is structured in a really helpful way - all content is thoroughly explained in his videos, the notes are great to help structure your revision and the online classes focus purely on question practice and technique. I would highly recommend ACA Masters. Thanks again Kieran!"

Annabelle (FAR resit student who passed first time with us)

"I used ACA Masters to help me with my FAR exam. I managed to pass the exam with 89%, despite not having the best understanding at college. Kieran’s plan is extremely well structured and easy to follow and I could not recommend it enough. He broke down each topic so that I could focus on areas I was weaker at. He improved my skills and confidence enough to perform well in the exam. I will definitely look to use him for my next exams."

Anita (FAR student who passed with 89%)

"I have passed my FAR exam with ACA Masters on my last possible attempt at the exam after fails with tuition from a different provider - nothing seemed to be sinking in and despite spending hours working hard to improve my grade, I consistently failed with the very same mark (just 1 off passing annoyingly!).

It was clear I needed a fresh approach and some help getting over the hurdle so I approached Kieran at ACA Masters and he spent time talking to me about how best to tackle the resit and welcomed me onboard his live classes. His exam focused approach to tuition is invaluable - suddenly things I previously didn’t understand were so obvious and I was able to enter my resit with confidence. To finally have the pass under my belt is the best feeling in the world.

I would not hesitate to recommend ACA Masters to other students, and I will certainly be using them for my own remaining modules (I’m already underway with the next module with them!!).

The course fees are worth every penny as the tuition is top class and worth it’s weight in gold!"

Holly (FAR resit student who passed first time with us)

"I just sat FAR using ACA Masters’ Online Videos only. Even with just the videos I managed to pass with grade of over 80% on my first attempt. I really wish I had used these videos earlier. It would have saved me a lot of time! I’m going to recommend the videos to all my colleagues and friends in Asia."

Hoan (Prize winner for highest FAR mark in Singapore)

"I've greatly benefitted from the FAR course. Just did the exam and I don't feel like I "just passed", I know that I truly aced it. Kieran's teaching style very exam-focused and to-the-point, which helps a LOT considering how broad and long the standard ACA material is. Looking forward to using the TC & AA course for my next sitting!"

Sarim (comments straight after the FAR exam)


"The focus on exam technique was really helpful. I found it meant that I had seen almost every different style of exam question. I particularly benefited from learning the theory and then applying this to an exam question. The focus on the explain style questions at the start forced me to learn the standards which also helped with the other style of questions. The technical tuition focused on the right areas as more time was put into areas which almost always come up. Also, the exam tips were very helpful as were the learning materials. I would recommend this course to other students who need to pass. I would also like to sign up for the TC tuition if there are any available spaces."

Lucy (FAR student who passed first time with us)

Tuition Options

To get you through your FAR exam, we offer live tuition, video tuition and one-to-one tuition. It is possible to combine different methods of tuition.


FAR Live Course

Our FAR course comprises six classes which are held on Saturdays. Each class focuses on a set of frequently examined topic areas and you will be taught: the key technical content; the most effective way to read and work through the exam paper; the key things to look out for in exam questions; and most importantly, the specific technique you should use when typing your answer in the exam. 


Tuition is extremely exam focused and we will work exclusively with past paper questions from recent exams to ensure that you get up to the required standard as soon as possible – rather than wasting time with ‘warm-up’ questions.

Our FAR Master Plan categorises all the past exam questions by topic, so that after each class you can go and practice your newly acquired exam technique skills on similar questions and watch your marks drastically improve (hopefully you will join our growing list of prize winners!)


You will also be coached on how to study effectively, how to structure your revision and be guided as to what you need to do to pass the ACA exams with top marks.

The course is structured as follows:

1. Assets, Revenue and 'Explain Accounting Treatment' Exam Questions

2. Provisions, Financial Instruments, Leases and 'Explain Accounting Treatment' Exam Questions

3. Tax, Smaller Topics and 'Single Entity Financial Statement Preparation' Exam Questions

4. Groups 1

5. Groups 2 and Cash Flow Statements

6. Mixed Topic Questions

Tuition Fees

There are two payment options for the FAR classroom course.

Option 1: Pay As You Go

Tuition fees are £150 per class.

Option 2: Full Course

For students who wish to attend all 6 classes, the full cost of the course is £590.

The full course includes:

- Access to our FAR video classes which are used as a preparatory and revision resource (see below).

- Access to our Accounting video classes as most need a refresher on the brought forward content.

- Our FAR Learning Notes: easy-to-use summary of examinable content (see below).

- Our FAR Master Plan: a detailed step-by-step study plan (see below).

​Please contact us here for availability and course dates.

Tuition is held online. Online tuition operates in exactly the same way as face-to-face tuition. Our online classroom uses video conferencing (Zoom), virtual whiteboards and electronic study materials. Many students prefer online tuition as they feel more comfortable asking questions using the chat function and because it saves travel costs and time. Classes are recorded so that you can watch each class as many times as you need before your exam.


FAR Video Course

(2021 Version)

Our prize-winning Senior ACA Tutor Kieran Doe has recorded our FAR video course. The video course teaches the same content and exam techniques as the live course. The course offers a lower cost option whilst yielding the same benefits.

Each class focuses on a frequently examined topic and explains the key technical concepts in a simplified way, before demonstrating the optimal exam technique by working through recent past exam questions in full. You will be taught the most efficient way to read, interpret and analyse the exam paper and most importantly, the specific technique you should use when typing your answer. This includes practical advice on how to make effective use of your open book when answering questions.

Having understood the technical content and exactly how you should be approaching a particular type of FAR exam question, you can then go and attempt similar past exam questions to put these prize-winning exam technique skills to the test and watch your marks drastically improve - hopefully you will join our growing list of prize winners! Our FAR Master Plan (see below) categorises all the past exam questions by topic to make it easy for you to practice similar questions after each class. This enables you to conquer FAR by mastering one area at a time.

The course is structured so that it covers each examinable area and each type of FAR exam question. The course also includes revision classes from Certificate Level Accounting for those who need a refresher on the brought forward content.

You can watch the course introduction and the first class below. 


The course structure is as follows:

Single Entity Financial Statements

  1. Assets ('Explain' Questions)

  2. Revenue and Grants ('Explain' Questions)

  3. Provisions ('Explain' Questions)

  4. Equity and Financial Instruments ('Explain' Questions)

  5. EPS

  6. Leases ('Explain' Questions)

  7. Foreign Currency Transactions ('Explain' Questions)

  8. Single Entity Financial Statement Preparation Questions (with OCI)

  9. Single Entity Financial Statement Preparation Questions (with SOCE)

  10. Single Entity Financial Statement Preparation Questions (with Disclosure Note)


  1. Basics

  2. SFP Questions (no Associate or JV)

  3. P&L and SOCE Questions (no Associate or JV)

  4. P&L and SFP Extract Questions (no Associate or JV)

  5. Subsidiary Disposal

  6. P&L and Extract Questions (Subsidiary Disposal)

  7. Associates and Joint Ventures (JV)

  8. SFP Questions (with Associate or JV)

  9. P&L and SOCE Questions (with Associate or JV)

Cash Flow Statements

  1. Basics

  2. Group Cash Flow Questions 1 (Full Cash Flow)

  3. Group Cash Flow Questions 2 (Revised Cash Flow and Extracts)


  1. Conceptual Framework, UK GAAP and Ethics 

Accounting Revision

  1. Accounting Basics – part 1 (Statements; Double Entry; Ledgers; Sales and Purchases)

  2. Accounting Basics – part 2 (Accruals)

  3. Cost of Sales and Inventories

  4. Assets

  5. Bad Debt and Provisions

  6. Tax

  7. Equity and Loans

  8. P&L and SFP: Single entity 1

  9. P&L and SFP: Single entity 2

  10. Cash Flow Statement: Single entity 1

  11. Cash Flow Statement: Single entity 2


You can watch the course introduction and the first class below. 

You can purchase each individual class for only £20 by clicking on the 'Rent' icon below. You can then watch the class as many times as you need to ensure that you have understood the technical principles and mastered the exam techniques taught during the class. You can stream the classes directly below and view them on any device which has internet connection within the 72 hour viewing period. If you require access for longer than 72 hours, we suggest that you opt for the Full Course Offer - see below for details.

Full Course Offer

You can subscribe to all of the classes for £250 and enjoy a viewing period of 6 months. Just click here to purchase. Once payment has been made, you can view the full course here. 


Please note that our study materials are sold separately - see below. 


One-to-One Tuition

If you are struggling with a particular area, then one-to-one tuition is also available. We suggest that one-to-one tuition is used to supplement the tuition provided during our live or video classes to address any specific areas where you require intensive support. 


Tuition fees are £75 per hour. 

Please contact us here if you wish to book.


Study Materials

(2021 Version)

Our prize-winning ACA tutor, Kieran Doe, has developed our unique FAR Study Materials which include learning notes, master plans and exam technique guidance. 

FAR Learning Notes

Our FAR Learning Notes concisely summarise the essential technical knowledge you need to pass the exam. This enables you to focus on the essential content for each topic and then test yourself by reproducing the condensed content on a blank page. This will force you to actively recall the information so that it is embedded in your brain ready to use for exam questions.

The notes include:​​

  • Easy-to-use summarised technical notes for each topic

  • Calculation proformas and reminders of things to include in your answer

A small sample is included at the bottom of this page. 

FAR Master Plan

To ensure that you use your study time as effectively as possible, we have broken the syllabus down into examinable topics so that you can allocate your time to specific examinable topics. For each topic, we have listed the recent past exam questions which examined the topic. There is also a reference to how frequently the topic is examined, the extent to which it is examined and the FAR video class which demonstrates the exact exam technique to use for that type of question.

Exam Technique Guidance

We have included exam technique guidance for each type of FAR question. This contains detailed advice on how you should approach each exam question in order to score top marks.   


Payment and Delivery

The price for the full package of our FAR study materials is £40. You can purchase by clicking below; if you wish to use another payment method then please contact us.

Once payment has been received, you will receive the materials via email within 48 hours. Please ensure that you check your junk mail in case your email settings divert our email to junk.