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Business Planning:Tax

Business Planning: Tax (BPT)

We have devised the optimal exam technique for you to use in your BPT exam, which is the same technique that resulted in your tutor winning an ICAEW prize and several of our students scoring over 90%. Notably, our two highest BPT scores (95% and 96%) were both achieved by resit students, proving that our guidance and tutoring skills create a vast level of improvement in student exam performance.

All of our BPT tuition options teach the essential brought forward TC content as well as the frequently examined advanced areas (e.g. capital disposal planning, business acquisition and corporation tax). Tuition is extremely exam focused and once a technical subject has been taught, we will develop your exam technique by teaching you exactly how to read, interpret and analyse the exam paper, before showing you how to structure and type your answer for each type of BPT exam question.

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Having failed BPT with 54%, Kieran helped me increase my mark to 96%! He explained everything so clearly and the exam technique sessions were particularly valuable. He went through past paper questions, advising how to approach them, where to pick up easy marks and how to lay out the answers. I would definitely recommend ACA Masters!


(BPT resit student who passed first time with us with a score of 96%)

Tuition Options

To get you through your BPT exam, we offer:




We have updated most of the content for 2024 and expect to have the final few videos updated by 31 January 2024. If you wish, you may decide to purchase the video course now so that you can make a start with your exam preparation. Any updated video course content will be uploaded once available so you will automatically have access. We will also include a separate video explaining significant syllabus changes.

Our prize-winning Senior ACA Tutor Kieran Doe has recorded our BPT video course. ​Each class focuses on a frequently examined topic and explains the key technical concepts in a simplified way, before demonstrating the optimal exam technique by tackling recent past exam questions in full. Kieran will teach you the most efficient way to read, interpret and analyse the exam paper and most importantly, the specific technique you should use when generating points and typing your answer in the exam. This includes advice on how to allocate your time to each part of the question and how to make effective use of the open book notes.

Having understood the technical content and exactly how you should be approaching a particular type of BPT exam question, you can then go and attempt similar past exam questions to put these prize-winning exam technique skills to the test and watch your marks drastically improve - hopefully you will join our growing list of prize winners! Our BPT Master Plan (see below) categorises all the past exam questions by topic to make it easy for you to practice similar questions after each class.​​ This enables you to conquer BPT by mastering one area at a time.

The course is structured so that it covers each examinable area and each type of BPT exam question. As there is a substantial amount of assumed knowledge for every BPT topic, we have included our TC tutorials as part of the course. We suggest that you watch the classes in the order set out below. However, if you are already comfortable on a particular topic then you may want to skip the TC revision class. 


You can watch the course introduction and a free sample class below. 


Income Tax - TC: Basics and Business Structures - TC: Employment Income and NI - BPT: Employment Income and NI - BPT: Employment Intermediaries  - BPT: Additional Employment Questions - TC: Trading Income and NI - TC: Partnerships - TC: Trading Losses - BPT: Trading Losses  - TC: Pensions - BPT: Pensions - BPT: Venture Capital Investment - TC: International - BPT: International

Capital Taxes - TC: CGT Basics - TC: CGT Reliefs - BPT: CGT Reliefs - TC: CGT International  - BPT: CGT International - TC: IHT - BPT: IHT GWROB and Will Variation - BPT: CGT, IHT and Trusts - Interaction and Planning - BPT: Additional CGT and IHT Interaction and Planning Questions ​

Corporation Tax - TC: Basics - TC: Reliefs - BPT: Advanced Topics - IFA and R&D - TC: Losses and Groups - BPT: Losses, Groups and Consortia  - BPT: Additional Corporation Tax Questions - BPT: International Structure - BPT: PE Incorporation and Migration - BPT: International Anti-Avoidance - BPT: Additional International Corporation Tax Questions

Common Exam Scenarios - Starting a Business  - Additional Questions on Starting a Business - Changing Business Structure - Additional Questions on Changing Business Structure - Close Companies - Buying a Business - Exiting a Business: Unincorporated Sale - Exiting a Business: Incorporated Sale - Exiting a Business: Liquidation - Exiting a Business: Company Repurchases Shares - Additional Questions on Buying and Exiting a Business - Family Investment Companies and Trusts - Mixed Topic Questions  - Ethics

VAT and Stamp Duty Revision - VAT: Basics - VAT: International - VAT: Groups - VAT: Property and Capital Goods Scheme - Stamp Duty


You can watch the course introduction and two classes for free below. ​

You can subscribe to all the classes for £350 and enjoy a viewing period of 12 months. 


Please click here to purchase. Once payment has been made, you can view the full course here. 

Please note that our study materials are sold separately - see below. 


The 12 month access period should give you plenty of time to sit and pass the BPT exam. However, if you need longer, we will gladly extend your access at no extra cost to you. This includes access to any additional content we upload to the course as a result of syllabus changes. 

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The expected release date for the 2024 materials is 31 January 2024. If you wish, you may decide to purchase the 2023 materials now so that you can make a start with your exam preparation. If you decide to purchase the 2023 materials now, you can email us once the 2024 materials are available on our website and we will email you a copy at no additional cost.  

Our prize-winning ACA tutor Kieran Doe has developed our unique BPT materials which include technical notes specifically designed for use in the exam, master plans and exam technique guidance.

BPT Technical Notes

Our BPT technical notes concisely summarise the technical content so that you can quickly look up the information you need in the exam. The notes include a 'Common Exam Scenario' section which has reminders of the points to consider including in your answer for the most frequently examined scenarios (e.g. capital disposal planning, incorporation, buying a business) as well as new topic areas such as family investment companies. ​

A small sample can be found at the bottom of this page. 

BPT Master Plans

To ensure that you use your study time as effectively as possible, we have broken the syllabus down into examinable topics so that you can allocate your time to specific examinable topics. For each topic, we have listed the recent past exam questions which examined the topic. There is also a reference to how frequently the topic is examined, the extent to which it is examined and the BPT video class which demonstrates the exact exam technique to use for that type of question.

Exam Technique Guidance

We have included our valuable exam technique guidance which contains detailed advice on how you should approach each exam question in order to score top marks. 

Model Answer

Kieran has worked through the December 2020 exam in full so you see exactly what you can realistically produce within the time limit and under exam conditions. The ICAEW Question Bank answers are not what students are expected to produce. You can watch Kieran work through an exam question in the sample class from the video course (above). 



The price for the full package of our BPT materials is £45. You can purchase using a credit or debit card below. 


You will receive an email containing a link to download the PDF document within 5 minutes of placing your order.


Please ensure that you check your junk mail in case your email settings divert our emails to junk. 



Please note that due to exceptionally high levels of student demand for our services following well-publicised success, we do not have any availability for live BPT tuition in 2023. Instead, we have added substantial amounts of new content to the BPT Video Course (please see section above).


If you are struggling with a particular area, then one-to-one tuition is also available. We suggest that one-to-one tuition is used to supplement the tuition provided during the live or video classes to address any specific areas where you require intensive support. 


Tuition fees are £120 per hour.​

Please contact us here for availability.

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